Exciting News!

A troop of beloved internet wizards and tech elves have been building a magical new website for all House Fairy families.

What will you find on this New House Fairy website?

  • New easy format for kids to watch their videos
  • New amazing Hall of Clean Rooms
  • Your children’s own personalized page
  • All your tools will be in one place
  • You’ll have your own special Moms Only page

If you are not an existing House Fairy customer...

You can learn more about the House Fairy programs.

If you are an existing House Fairy customer...

If you are an existing member of a House Fairy program, your membership will be moved to the new site.

The new House Fairy site will be going live the first week of March 2014.When it goes live, we’ll send you an email to confirm your membership and give you your NEW password. Follow the instructions in that email, use your NEW password and the email address we used to communicate with you and you’ll be all set up! That’s it!

If you do not get an email or have troubles logging in, please contact us.