Super Snuggle Bunny Combo Program

Save $4.95 and have all the wings, dings, whistles and bells of Fairyland at your fingertips! All the videos, songs, stories and magic from both programs: Mama’s Little Helper and Manners and Good Behavior programs are in the Super Snuggle Bunny Combo Program.

It includes 65 videos, along with your child’s personalized page ready to be viewed on any PC, tablet or mobile device, ready to be viewed in home, car or anywhere!

With the House Fairy’s Super Snuggle Bunny Combo Program, your children will be:

  • Begging to help with household chores
  • Happily keeping their rooms neat and tidy
  • Establishing basic good habits and routines
  • Developing a sense of cooperation and respect
  • Having more fun and less friction with Mom

And you’ll be able to:

  • Reinforce the basics of good behavior and manners
  • Take your children anywhere without stress
  • Trust your children will always act appropriately
  • Know your children will be welcome wherever you take them
  • Develop a sense of cooperation and respect with your children
  • Have more fun and less friction with your children

As a bonus, you won’t be the bad guy anymore.

65 Videos Included


Tools for Mom

In addition to the videos for your children, the programs include all the tools you’ll need to prepare for House Fairy visits. They’re all in Mom’s Toolbox which is a directory of the information and has printable materials, including:

  • The Official House Fairy Rules
  • The House Fairy Snuggle Bunny Club Membership Certificate
  • The House Fairy's First Letter to Your Child
  • House Fairy Official Certificate of Excellence
  • Directions for Using House Fairy Good Time Tickets
  • House Fairy Good Time Tickets
  • House Fairy Memo Cards
  • House Fairy Chore Chart
  • House Fairy 3x5 Chore Cards
  • List of Jobs for Kids by Age
  • Needs for a Neat and Tidy Room
  • List of Suggested Surprises
  • The House Fairy Good Behavior Point Program
  • House Fairy Letterhead
  • I Spy Game for the family


More than 20,000 families celebrate the day they invited the House Fairy into their homes.

  • "I just wanted to write and say how much improved my 6 year old son Sean is after you started coming to visit us earlier this year.”

    Sean’s loving mommy, Catherine

  • “I showed my 7 and 4 year old girls the videos. They watched two videos and were off! They cleaned their room, the toy room and even vacuumed these two rooms plus the stairs."


  • “Honestly, my home is so much cleaner since we started the House Fairy and I don’t have to fight with them. They help! They offer to help! Before they didn’t realize when a room was messy. Now they walk into a room and say 'The House Fairy won’t like this' or 'my room is messy.'"


  • “When I first went on the House Fairy website I thought about not buying it but doing it on my own. I am sooooo glad I bought it. My children love watching the different videos and I like that the House Fairy teaches my children more than just cleaning their rooms.”