Are you tired of throwing Saturday, clean-your-room fits?

Are you sick of constantly nagging?

Wish your children would help with chores?

The House Fairy helps moms replace stress and friction with joy and peace. The House Fairy video-based programs will teach and inspire your children to clean their rooms and eagerly help with household chores as well as learn good manners. When the House Fairy speaks, children listen. 

Membership is good forever. There are no dues or monthly fees, just a one-time price per family, not per child.

Have your kids (ages three to ten) take a short House Fairy test. Most children run to their rooms to put away five things, just because the House Fairy told them to do it. You’ll know right away if the House Fairy will work for you. Register now to have  your kids take the test.

Have your kids take the House Fairy two-minute test

You will be mesmerized by our Hall of Clean Rooms!

A clean room!
House Fairy Imagine

Kids love the House Fairy, and parents do too!

More than 20,000 families celebrate the day they invited the House Fairy into their homes. 

My daughter LOVES the House Fairy. She’s 6 and we had never taught her to pick up or care for her room, thinking it would be futile because we're far from neat-freaks ourselves. The first time I went to your site, she was in the room. She was glued to the computer screen and fascinated by the House Fairy! She would not even finish watching before she ran off to pick up 5 things!! She has been very conscientious ever since, AND I'm saving money and having WAY more fun (with BETTER results) than doing an allowance. So, thank you for all you do. ~ Sincerely, Ashli

House Fairy here:I think one of the reasons children want to cooperate with me is because they go into what I call Clean for Company mode. Their precious imaginations kick into gear and suddenly they find delight in the mundane. The thought of the House Fairy coming is exciting to children. Just like if you thought Matt Damon was coming over to inspect your room!

THE HOUSE FAIRY! I have 3 children ages 4, 6 and 8. I did the typical ranting, nagging, sighing and ultimately just cleaned their rooms myself when I got tired of the mess. Then I found out about the House Fairy and TRULY, it all changed. It has been 4 months since I started the HOUSE FAIRY "project" and I don't have to nag or rant at all. I sometimes have to say "Hmm, I wonder if the House Fairy might come today" and then my kids will dash to their rooms to clean them up. It feels so much better for me, and I get the results I want without having to be a drill sergeant. The HOUSE FAIRY takes the pressure away from the parents in terms of motivating the kids to clean their rooms. I don't have to say, "I want this room clean! Or you better or else." I just ask if they think the House Fairy will consider their rooms clean enough to leave them a prize. Usually they will go back and tidy it up a bit more.  ~ Kelly K. Lang