Get Organized

Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pigpen to Paradise
The original book that launched a million SHEs, Sidetracked Home Executives... from pigpen to paradise is finally an e-book!
SHE De-junking Video and 3×5 cardfile system
The Legendary SHE De-Junking video AND 3×5 cardfile system are now together! Hundreds of thousands of women have gotten organized over the years using this these tools.
Everybody Loves Money (ELM)
Pam shows you how to make 10 clever and fun ways to give cash for: baby showers, birthdays, graduations, retirements, weddings, and just about any gift-giving event you can think of!
Get Your Act Together
A 7-day get-organized program for the overworked, overbooked, and overwhelmed.
Pam and Peggy's Home for the Holiday
What if you could take a pill and get into the holiday spirit? Of course you can't, but Pam Young and Peggy Jones created Home for the Holidays CD or MP3 Download and it's guaranteed to perk your holiday spirit.
Pam and Peggy's Keeping in Touch
In 1997, each month, Pam and Peggy discussed what was on their minds, what was happening in the world and in their lives and gave hints and tips for family and home life in their neighbor-over-the-fence style. The collection will entertain everyone in the family.