The House Fairy Hall of Clean Rooms

We are very proud of our celebrated Hall of Clean Rooms. Almost 600 photos are in here, submitted by proud moms. We know the kids who cleaned up their rooms are proud too, because of all the activity going on in this hall!

We have reserved a space for each of your children’s clean room pictures.When you become a member, you can submit your photos and they’ll be added to the illustrious Hall of Clean Rooms. Also, our House Fairy Tech Elves will put the photos onto your children’s private page.

Perhaps you know someone who has his/her clean room photo in the Hall of Clean Rooms? Just search by his/her first name.

Fergal01 Maya__VDZ01 Abby_H03 Connor___Kyle_C01 Stephanie_L01 Kiley___Brittynn_Y03 Patrick_T01 lewis Emma_S Olivia_K01 Lee_W01 Ashlea___Henton_H01 Alina_Mertz_G01 Isobel_G02 Annika_D01 Kaitlyn___Kristen_P01 Meagan___Samantha_G01 Bridget Thomas_H01 Eoghan01 Olivia T Connor_M01 Benjamin___Christopher_M01 Colin_B01 Ian___Iona_W-H01 Jacob_G01 Sarah_W02 Abby_M04 Antony_P01 Timmer_H01 Isabella_W-H01 Grace_P02 Jane_J01 Jacqui___Jessica_01 Anne_C02 elizabeth W (2) Lori_D02 James___Jason_L02 Gracie_G01 Noah_R01 Kiersten_E05 Scott_H03 Julianna_F03 Amelia_H01 Bridget_S02 Jackson_V01 Marcie___Wyatt_J01 Alexis_M01 Lauryn_T01 Hannah_B