The House Fairy Hall of Clean Rooms

We are very proud of our celebrated Hall of Clean Rooms. Almost 600 photos are in here, submitted by proud moms. We know the kids who cleaned up their rooms are proud too, because of all the activity going on in this hall!

We have reserved a space for each of your children’s clean room pictures.When you become a member, you can submit your photos and they’ll be added to the illustrious Hall of Clean Rooms. Also, our House Fairy Tech Elves will put the photos onto your children’s private page.

Perhaps you know someone who has his/her clean room photo in the Hall of Clean Rooms? Just search by his/her first name.

Clarissa_I01 Katie_L02 Zachary_M01 Scott_H03 Wyatt_M03 Maria___D03 Adam_Trevor_E01 Catherina_01 Emma_G01 Shayla_Tia_T01 Lia___Ruby_H01 Lucy_G01 Julianna_F03 Marlon_F02 Janie_F05 Elinor_S01 Theo_S01 Lee_W01 Gabe_G01 Meredith_T01 Henry_S03 Ben_C01 Elizabth_O02 Tiara_Alanna_S01 Joey_F01 Davin_B01 Madi_H01 Bryson_F03 Brad_S02 Sara_F05 Lainie_S01 Charlotte_F01 Jacob_M03 Leah_J03 Joanna___Evie_R02 Joey__James___Johnny_M01 Hunter_M03 Deja_V01 Clark_M01 Amanda_S03 Thomas_W02 Kayla_S05 Olivia_K01 Zach_J01 Jackson_F01 Tyler_B01 Timmy_G02 Silvia_DM05 Michael_B01 Julia___Claire_G01