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More than 20,000 families celebrate the day they invited the House Fairy into their homes.

  • "I just wanted to write and say how much improved my 6 year old son Sean is after you started coming to visit us earlier this year.”

    Sean’s loving mommy, Catherine

  • “I showed my 7 and 4 year old girls the videos. They watched two videos and were off! They cleaned their room, the toy room and even vacuumed these two rooms plus the stairs."


  • “Honestly, my home is so much cleaner since we started the House Fairy and I don’t have to fight with them. They help! They offer to help! Before they didn’t realize when a room was messy. Now they walk into a room and say 'The House Fairy won’t like this' or 'my room is messy.'"


  • “When I first went on the House Fairy website I thought about not buying it but doing it on my own. I am sooooo glad I bought it. My children love watching the different videos and I like that the House Fairy teaches my children more than just cleaning their rooms.”