The House Fairy programs are based on the simple premise that if children believe in Santa Claus and are extra good around Christmastime, then a loving grandma-type fairy could inspire them to be good year-round. Why not let the House Fairy motivate your children?

These video-based programs have kids from more than 20,000 families eager to clean their rooms, help around the house, get along with siblings, learn good manners and mind Mom and Dad…and not just in December, but all the time.

First the children meet the House Fairy by watching the teaching videos in the program you purchase. Second, the children learn about the Official House Fairy Rules, and that the House Fairy will inspect their good deeds while they sleep or are out, and she’ll leave a surprise (and a little fairy dust doesn’t hurt) if they follow her rules.

In the more than 65 videos, between the two programs, the House Fairy teaches, inspires, motivates and supports moms in all that it takes to  establish good habits and routines. Moms get a toolbox full of goodies to help make the House Fairy real, including a list of suggested surprises.

The House Fairy gets all the credit just like Santa does, but she also relieves Mom of being the bad guy. Want surprises? Behave and follow the rules.

There is a ONE-TIME fee for either program and it's good forever no matter how many children you have.



More than 20,000 families celebrate the day they invited the House Fairy into their homes.

  • "I just wanted to write and say how much improved my 6 year old son Sean is after you started coming to visit us earlier this year.”

    Sean’s loving mommy, Catherine

  • “I showed my 7 and 4 year old girls the videos. They watched two videos and were off! They cleaned their room, the toy room and even vacuumed these two rooms plus the stairs."


  • “Honestly, my home is so much cleaner since we started the House Fairy and I don’t have to fight with them. They help! They offer to help! Before they didn’t realize when a room was messy. Now they walk into a room and say 'The House Fairy won’t like this' or 'my room is messy.'"


  • “When I first went on the House Fairy website I thought about not buying it but doing it on my own. I am sooooo glad I bought it. My children love watching the different videos and I like that the House Fairy teaches my children more than just cleaning their rooms.”