Mom, here's an overview of the House Fairy. Learn how she does her magic!!



Have your children take the House Fairy two minute test.



The House Fairy is based on the simple premise that if kids adore Santa Claus and are extra good around Christmastime, why wouldn’t a loving grandma-type fairy inspire them to be good year-round?

The House Fairy’s video-based programs have kids from more than 25,000 families happily cleaning their rooms, helping around the house, getting along with siblings and minding their parents…and not just in December, but all the time.

Why? Because the children are told that if they follow the Official House Fairy Rules, the House Fairy will inspect their good deeds while they sleep or are out, and she’ll leave a surprise (and a little fairy dust doesn’t hurt). In the videos, the House Fairy teaches, inspires, motivates children and supports moms in Clean_Roomraising their children. Moms just need to confer with the House Fairy concerning the surprises.

The House Fairy gets all the credit, but she also relieves Mom of being the bad guy. Want surprises? Behave and follow the rules.

Remember it's a one-time fee and you need only one program no matter how many children you have.